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UPDATE April 2019


Subject Line: Survival Hacks From Special Force Sergeant Brian Morris

Disaster just hit and your family's desperate for their lives...

Can you look them in the eyes and say...

"I got this"?

Because that's what you'll get from Brian Morris...

The know-how of saving your loved ones...

Even during a major crisis.

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Subject Line: Are you ready to face the great outdoors alone?

In the dark?

Cold... like sharp knives through your spine...

With nothing to eat, or drink

And with no way to start a fire... or find shelter,

This is how a real-life survival situation will be!

Do you think you can conquer the elements with nothing more than your mind?

When your family will look desperately into your eyes, will you be ready to look back to them and say "I Got This"?

Click on the link below and find out exactly how well are you prepared in case SHTF!


Subject Line: **3 Deadliest Killers When SHTF (Worse Than Disease, War & Famine Combined...)

When 21-year-old medical student, Iryna D. was found dead - after being kicked off the bus, for being 90" short of her fare - it wasn't the -4 ℉ cold that killed her, or the driver, or even her decision to get off...

It was the same thing that's killed billions of others, just like you and me.

From the 2004 tsunami victims unaware that a receding tide was the imminent sign of a deadly tidal wave...

To the men and women who lived before germ theory.

Or the outdoor enthusiast, who can't start a fire, signal for help, or build a shelter in less-than-ideal conditions.

Rather like Iryna herself...

Who decided to walk home that day, through the forest, where she fell into a snow-covered pit and died. Despite her above-average wilderness experience.

Her father was even a park ranger.

So, what killer Iryna?

Killer #1 - Why what you don't know CAN hurt you...

Human knowledge has let us thrive in impossible places. Everywhere from the arctic, to the Sahara, to space...

But without it, we're doomed.

After all, think of how many millions of your ancestors could have been saved if only they'd known about germs, basic medicine or how to catch food...

The lesson?

Ignorance is our deadliest killer. After all, Iryna could have started a fire, if she'd known how. Despite the snow...

We even show how you can do it right here [Video] <<

But it's followed closely by deadly killer #2.


You see, for Iryna it was a normal day. Until it suddenly, tragically wasn't. We all live in a bubble of false security. And we forget...

It's never a question of if things go south, but when.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is nothing at all... Because it tricks us into believing we're untouchable.

Something I discovered to my shock and horror in this video [that could someday save you from a lot of pain] <<

Finally, there's killer #3. - Why 91.4% of 9/11 survivors did NOT evacuate (even as the skyscraper burned...)

Some things make us crazy.

Real crazy...

Because instead of high-tailing it out of the tower most 9/11 survivors waited to shut down their PCs, search for knickknacks, and even touch-up their makeup, FIRST...

Even as the second plane hit...

Even as the alarm roared.

Causing delays of up to 30 minutes. More than enough time to make descent difficult and rescue impossible.

(There are no statistics on the victims).


Because when panic hits us-faced with the unknown, our herd-instinct takes over. We don't know what to do. So, we follow the crowd...

It's natural...

Evolution has in-grained it into us. After all, our lizard brains know there's safety in numbers vs. a hungry lion.

Why be the first to break cover?

If nobody is screaming, everything must be OK, right?


(Note: the folk on the Titanic remained calm until the end).

Intelligence is no security either. Those people in the twin towers were SMART. But their zombie auto-pilot kicked in.

And there's only one way you can override it...

Thankfully, just by reading this email you've already taken the first step. If tragedy struck, you'll know to act...

The question is, how?

What should you do?

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But you must hurry.

This information is extremely valuable. My marketing guys want me to charge you for it, but I'd rather not...

At Any Point-Without Warning-This Video Could Be Removed.

So, act now.

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Subject Line: 3 worst mistakes to avoid when SHTF...

We all know some survival tricks, right? how to light a simple fire or how to find water and shelter... the thing is, these methods work best in a survival "scenario"

In a real survival situation, the biggest threat is not the unforgiving power of nature, but your ability to adapt, and overcome... high stress, loss and desperation, hunger and thirst.

I'm pretty sure you won't be able to start even the simplest fire when tried to death or scared with your hands shaking.

One of the biggest mistakes is working on your outdoor skills alone, and not peppering mentally enough...

If you want to learn more about how to be ready at any time in case SHTF

Click on this link:


[Free Green-Beret Survival Tutorial]

Sometimes life throws you a curveball where your skills just can't cut it. That's where Green Beret Master Sergeant Brian Morris comes in... .

A decorated veteran with over 25 years of experience, surviving the wild, in a range of combat environments, from Africa, to Europe, to the Middle East... where mistakes are deadly, and conditions brutal...

Not your typical campfire kumbaya.

Brian has taught at the U.S. military's Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Training School. He was also asked to write SERE doctrine for Army Special Forces. An honor that reflects his high standing and expertise.

Expertise we want you to have...

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UPDATE February 2019


Subject Line: Green Beret Survival Tips That Will Save Your Bacon

The image below says it all...

They'd been warned. But didn't listen... .

Now this wilderness expert's shame is unbearable. I mean, it could have killed them...

Until This Green Beret Was Able to Save The Day with Just A Rag and A Plastic Bag.


It doesn't matter where you live... or how much of an "expert" you think you are...

Click Here to Discover 3 Green Beret Survival Tips That Could Save Your Bacon


Subject Line: The Ultimate Special Force Training

This will stick with me until the moment I die...

Because that day entirely changed my life.

And there's this way it will change yours too...

As I discovered the most challenging, intriguing and complete survival training there is...

Coming from Special Force Sergeant, Brian Morris...

Ultimately brought to your fingertips.

All you have to do is click the link below and let the Special Forces methods do the rest...


Subject Line: Russia Interference with USA Politics Will Lead To...

It is known that Russians are to blame for many tragic events in USA..

But this time, it will end up badly... .

A new crisis will hit America, the kind of crisis that we haven't got before.


Find out more here <<

UPDATE June 2018


How To Start A Fire By Using... Your Pee

You know me.

I'm always on the lookout for unorthodox survival methods.

And since fire-starting is an essential skill to master, I find this to be one of the most easy and practical techniques out there.

How to start a fire using your own pee!

PS: This is taken straight out of a Special Forces survival course.

PPS: For details on how you can get your hands on that course check the link below.