Spec Ops Bushcrafting � The 8 Pillars of Wilderness Survival � One of the best Wilderness survival books

What's this wilderness survival book about?

The program is designed around the Special Forces' 8-pillar survival protocol that leaves absolutely nothing to chance:

  • Shelter building
    You'll discover why this is the first and most crucial step in outdoor survival. Special Forces shelter building methods focus on simplicity and adapting to your surroundings to utilize what Mother Nature provided to your fullest advantage.
  • Water
    During a mission in extremely arid environment where physical effort was intense, Spec Ops operators lose almost 2 liters of water per hour. To keep up with this water loss, they need to consume up to 14 liters per day. This Pillar will show you exactly how to collect that much water by taking advantage of unseen natural water sources.
  • Fire-Craft
    Brian will reveal that when modern fire starters fail, primitive ones are the best fire starting techniques... that's why Special Forces operators know more ways of starting a fire than he can count... and even how to improvise and start a fire in ways you never imagined possible.
  • Food
    For a Special Forces operator to maintain efficiency during a mission, he needs at least 3000 calories a day. To ensure that intake, he is an expert in snares, traps, tracking, fishing, and foraging. Brian reveals the tips and tricks to keep your belly full and your energy high with the best survival food.
  • Security
    Spec Ops missions depend on layers of invisibility and security. You will get the same secrets, so you can help your family surviving in the wilderness. You will also discover tens of alternative uses for your survival tools.
  • Survival Navigation
    What happens when GPS is dead, fog has rolled in, and you can't see more than a few feet in front of you? Will you know how to get back to camp? Or how to claw your way back to safety before nightfall? You'll discover the secrets behind fail-safe survival navigation from one of the best to ever teach it.
  • Communication
    Robust, reliable, and trusted communications are essential between members of a unit during a survival situation. That's why Special Forces developed communication secrets to help team members keep their actions in sync... especially when they can't rely on a radio signal.
  • Health
    Learn from a Special Forces operator how every environment can be transformed into a natural pharmacy to help you treat whatever injuries or sickness that arise.