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How to make Chloroform for survival?

You've probably noticed the use of chloroform in many movies: pour some liquid onto a piece of cloth, place it on the victim's mouth and nose and knock them out.

This, of course, can be one of its uses, but initially chloroform was used to knock people out before a surgery. It was a kind of anaesthetic.

With this kind of use, it seems like a must-have item in your supplies, but unfortunately you can't just buy one from the store. Good news is that you can make it yourself, at home.

BE AWARE of the fact that chloroform is lethal, and you'll need some previous knowledge before using it!

Keeping that in mind, you'll have to know that chloroform has a wide variety of uses: from the above-mentioned use for surgery, you can use it to disinfect and cleaning products, or for pesticides, or even developing photographs.

Making chloroform at home is quite easy, but, yet again, I'll have to warn you it can be deadly!!!

Gather Your Ingredients

If you've ever seen a warning saying not to mix cleaning products, there's a logical explanation behind them: they can form toxic fumes that can led to people breathing them die in a short time. One of those fumes is chloroform!

First of all, you need household bleach that must not have any added ingredients at not be of high concentration. If it is, you will need more ice. Bear with me on this one...

Second of all, you will need acetone. You can buy it from most cosmetics stores but be careful to read the label as many listed as acetone are not in fact acetone.

And the third ingredient is the ice we all have in the freezer.

These three are the ingredients you will need to make chloroform at home: household bleach, acetone and ice.

Gather Your Equipment

  • First thing you'll need is a large container, preferably made out of glass so you can see the chloroform forming inside of it
  • A separation funnel is essential so that you can separate the chloroform from the other ingredients. You can get them for about 25$.
  • An item that you must not lack is a gasmask to protect you from the fumes. Also, you should make the chloroform in a well-ventilated area
  • Finally, you will need something to stir with and I'd recommend a glass stick.

Make the Chloroform

Again, be very careful if you're up to try this at home and keep in mind is not just an experiment you can try! It can be deadly!

Before using them, you should chill the bleach and acetone as when mixing them, their temperature will raise up by more than 85 degrees.

The amount of each ingredient you use is of utmost importance: 1 part acetone to 50 parts bleach! If you're pouring 1 cup of acetone, you'll need to pour 50 cups of bleach!

  • Add the bleach and ice into a container then the acetone and mix together. Depending on the concentration of the bleach, you'll need a certain amount of ice. If the concentration is higher, you'll need to add more ice.
  • Let the newly made mixture to cool down for about an hour. A white powder or bubble forming on the bottom of the container will be noticed, that being the chloroform.
  • After the mixture cools down, gently pour the liquid at the top off, leaving the chloroform at the bottom of the container.
  • After this step, you'll have to drain the chloroform out with the funnel and leave the water from the ice behind.

Other Ingredients to Combine

Using a copper still you can distil the newly obtained chloroform. You can use 4 parts bleach powder, 3 parts alcohol and 13 parts water. Keep in mind that this process is not easy-to-do for the average person and takes a lot longer!

Making chloroform for a survival situation may not represent the only option you have as it is both dangerous and not easy to make. Finding the better option such as pain meds can be more useful!

Making chloroform at home isn't something you can play with as it requires a special equipment, ingredients and lots of skills!